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We have participated since last year in East Greenland Ice-Core Project (EGRIP), which aims to retrieve an ice core from Greenland Ice Sheet for better understanding of dynamics of the ice sheet and climate in Greenland. This project is jointly conducted by  several nations, and 7 persons are involved from Japan in 2017 (a report is in 2016 available here). I have been staying on the ice sheet since June and will stay until August to analyze microstructure of the ice core and to sample snow and aerosol near the camp.

Several countries are conducting many kinds of observations on the Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS) to understand the complicate processes of losing mass of the GrIS under Global Warming. Japan had set an observation site on the northwestern GrIS on June in 2012 by collaborative expedition with Meteorological Research Institute, National Institute of Polar Research, Hokkaido University and so on.

On May 24, I attended the meeting “Future Arctic”, held at Forêt Montmorency of the Université Laval in Quebec, Canada, to gather the information of the research strategy of each country and to construct the framework of international collaborations mainly with Canada.

ArCS project’s 2016 2nd plenary meeting

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ArCS project’s 2016 2nd plenary meeting was held at Miyoshi Memorial Auditorium and foyer, JAMSTEC Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences on Tuesday, 7th March 2016. The said event was attended by around 90 participants.