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A meeting on the R/V MIRAI's Arctic cruise for year 2016

The meeting on Research Vessel MIRAI’s Arctic cruise for year 2016 has been held on Friday, 8th January at the JAMSTEC Tokyo office. MIRAI will cruise the Arctic ocean in September 2016, and the cruise for this year is conducted as a part of the ArCS project.

The meeting began with presentations regarding on-board observation plans, followed by a discussion on accommodation and application which is required for observations being carried out in Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the coastal countries. As only a limited number of researchers will be on board, there was a scene that researchers whose observation doesn’t happen at the same time cooperated to secure the staff necessary for observation. Being unite as one and planning a detailed cruise plan must be a key for a productive observation.


The following research programs in ArCS will carry out several observations on MIRAI. We can’t wait for reporting you the news from observation sites this summer.


ž   Predictability study on weather and sea-ice forecasts linked with user engagement (PI: Dr. Jun Inoue)

 Atmospheric climate forcers in the Arctic (PI: Dr. Makoto Koike)

ž   Observational research on Arctic Ocean environmental changes (Dr. Takashi Kikuchi)

ž   Response and biodiversity status of the Arctic ecosystems under environmental change (Dr. Toru Hirawake)

Research Vessel MIRAI