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International Workshop on "Greenland ice sheet mass loss and its impact on global climate change"

From 22nd to 24th March 2016, international workshop on "Greenland ice sheet mass loss and its impact on global climate change" was held at the Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University. Including nine leading scientists from Switzerland, Denmark, Canada and US, ~60 participants attended the workshop to present recent study results, to exchange ideas and experiences, and to discuss future international collaboration in Greenland research.

In the first part of the workshop, invited speakers presented overviews of the current knowledge and open questions in the fields of glaciology, oceanography, climatology and social science. Following the keynote presentations, in total 36 oral presentations were given over the three days. One of the sessions was allocated to social sciences, to activate interdisciplinary collaborations between natural and social scientists. In the workshop sessions, and also during coffee break, lunch time, evening events and weekend excursions, a broad field of Greenland sciences was actively discussed by the participants.

This workshop was co-organized by ILTS and the ArCS Greenland project with additional funding from Arctic Research Center of Hokkaido University and SIGMA project. On behalf of the organizers, we thank all the participants for their contribution to the workshop. The program and photo album of the event are available here.

Dr. Shin Sugiyama (Hokkaido University, a member of theme 2)

workshop1(サイズ調整).jpg Workshop group photograph

workshop2(サイズ調整).jpg Keynote presentation on hot water glacier drilling by Prof. Martin Funk from ETH-Zurich

workshop3(サイズ調整).jpg Keynote presentation on Greenland society by Prof. Naotaka Hayashi from University of Calgary

workshop4(サイズ調整).jpg Active discussion in a session

workshop5(サイズ調整).jpg Cheers! during the workshop dinner by Prof. Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Director of ARC Hokkaido University