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Report on the first ArCS council meeting

First ArCS council meeting was held on Wednesday, 24th March 2016 at JP Tower Hall & Conference in the Marunouchi-area, Tokyo.

The ArCS council consists of Arctic experts in the wide fields of industry, news media and academia. Led by Dr. Atsumu Ohmura (Chair, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and Dr. Takashi Yamanouchi (Vice-Chair, National Institute of Polar Research), the council provides a unique opportunity to review important matters for the direction and management of the project, and to give advice from the perspective of research needs based on social issues.

  As it was the first ever meeting, it began from sharing the council members’ impressions on the project after hearing the overviews and the goals of each programs, which was explained by the principal investigators. At the end of the meeting, they also exchanged opinions how they carry out the discussion from the next meeting, together with the Project Director and the Sub Project Directors.

  Next ArCS council meeting will be held in Autumn, 2016.


IMG_2363.jpg The council members exchanging opinions