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Report on the first Joint seminar

The first Joint seminar was held at Faculty of Fisheries Sciences, Hokkaido University, on 1 April 2016.

Three professionals working on Greenland glacier (Theme 2) from the Institute of Low Temperature Science and many students and professionals working on the Arctic marine science from Faculty of Fisheries Sciences participated in the seminar. 25 participants in total discussed the following topics:

  1. "Recent findings on the Greenland glacier, and interactions between Greenland glacier and marine environments surrounding them" by Dr. Sugiyama
  2. "Mechanism of ice front variation and flow changes of calving glaciers" by Dr. Sakakibara
  3. "Observation plans on Greenland Fjord during summer, 2016" by Dr. Kanna
  4. "Transport of fresh water and chemical substances from land to ocean" by Dr. Nomura
  5. "Marine mammal studies using biologging technology in Arctic Sea" by Dr. Mitani
  6. " Foraging behavior of thick-billed murre breeding at Spitsbergen Archipelago, Norway" by Dr. Watanuki

At the end of this meeting, we discussed about future study plans and possible collaboration works among these members.

Bungo Nishizawa (Faculty of Fisheries Sciences, Hokkaido University/a member of theme 6)

Members joined the seminar

Presentation by Dr. Nomura during the seminar

Presentation by Dr. Kanna during the seminar