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Arctic sea ice information for saving voyage of R/V Mirai / Observations on weather, wave height and drops - 3 (MIRAI Arctic cruise 2016: Theme 1)

R/V Mirai arrives at the Arctic Ocean, currently sailing along the coast of Barrow in Alaska. The ship encountered multi-year ice near Barrow after her way through the Chukchi sea with Arctic sea ice.

Ice-strengthen research vessel Mirai provides resistance to ice, but she has to keep away from them because she cannot break a passage through ice. Hence the information on Arctic sea ice is extremely important for our safety cruise. This is when the ADS plays an active part. It provides the information on sea ice and weather forecast to us everyday.

According to the information provided by ADS, we decide the plan of observation and the sea route of Mirai during the daily meeting. Thanks to the ADS and its information, we can continue cruising and observations safely.

Kazutoshi Sato (NIPR / A member of Theme 1)

   Sea ice in front of Mirai

Multi-year ice near Barrow

 Sea birds taking a break on sea ice

Meeting on board

Information on sea ice and weather forecast provided by ADS