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Deployment of Waves In Ice (WII) Buoys / Observations on weather, wave height and drops - 4 (MIRAI Arctic cruise 2016: Theme 1)

Two week have passed since we arrive in Arctic Ocean.
Temperature falls below 0 degrees.

Various atmospheric and oceanographic observations were conducted in Arctic Ocean.
On 8 September, we deployed two Waves In Ice (WII) Buoys into ocean to observe wave height of the ocean.

Arctic sea ice restrains vertical motion of ocean.
Recently, wave height may become relatively higher in Arctic ocean because of the Arctic sea ice retreat during summer.
The high wave prevents ship’s move, therefore, information on wave height is extremely important for all ships traveling the Northern Sea Route (NSR).

Although we will leave Arctic ocean within 10days, Waves In Ice (WII) Buoys stays on-site to observe wave height of ocean in Arctic ocean.

Kazutoshi Sato (NIPR / A member of Theme 1)

Waves in ice (WII) Buoys, ready to be deployed

Deployed Waves in ice (WII) Buoys in the water

Waves in ice (WII) Buoys to be deployed (front) and deployed WII Buoys (back)