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Workshop with Qaanaaq village people (from Qaanaaq 4)

After returning from Bowdoin Glacier, we organized a workshop to discuss with people from Qaanaaq village on 25th July. The aim of this workshop was to report our research activities, learn from the locals about the impact of climate change on their society, and discuss sustainable future of Qaanaaq. Through the workshop, we intended to exchange our experiences and ideas for collaborative relationship in the future. As many of the people do not use English, we arranged interpreter between Greenlandic and English.

The venue was filled with more than 50 people from Qaanaaq, various generations and gender. Researchers from Hokkaido University, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and others explained research activities in the region. The audience listened to our talks with great interests. There are many insightful questions and useful comments. One of the most impressive comments for me was, "Nowadays we eat more western food and less traditional food such as meat of whales and seals. Then, I feel we are less energetic than before...."

This workshop turned out to be a great opportunity to interact with local people in Qaanaaq and learn from them.

Izumi Asaji (Hokkaido University)

Introduction of research project in Qaanaaq.

Audience actively questioned, commented and discussed.

Group photograph with the audience.

Qaanaaq observation members: Shin Sugiyama, Evgeniy Podolskiy, Naoya Kanna, Daiki Sakakibara, Yoshihiko Ohashi, Izumi Asaji, Yasushi Fukamachi, Bungo Nishizawa(Hokkaido University), Shintaro Yamasaki(Kitami Institute of Technology)