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Radiosonde observation/ Observations on weather, wave height and drops - 6 (MIRAI Arctic cruise 2016: Theme 1)

To understand vertical structure of atmosphere, we carry out radiosonde observation four times per day.
Radiosonde observation does not only help us understand the atmospheric circulation but also improve performance of weather forecast over the Northern Hemisphere.

As R/V Mirai is equipped with automatic balloon launcher for radiosondes, we conduct radiosonde observations using this equipment.
However, she has to make posture for using automatic balloon launcher.
If she did not make posture because of other observations, we perform hand release of balloon.

Radiosonde observation in Arctic Ocean has finished.
We will arrive in Japan in a few days.

Kazutoshi Sato (NIPR / A member of Theme 1)

*This article is written on September 29, 2016.

A balloon automatically released into air by the automatic balloon launcher for radiosondes

Akira Yamauchi (Nagasaki University) releasing a balloon manually

Kazutoshi Sato (NIPR) releasing a balloon manually