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ArCS project’s 2016 1st Plenary Meeting

ArCS project’s 2016 1st Plenary Meeting was held at Miyoshi Memorial Auditorium, JAMSTEC Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences on Thursday, 23rd June 2016, where were around 80 participants.

At the meeting, presentations were given on recent outcomes and activity plans of respective project menus and research themes. Further, there were three sessions focusing on the collaboration between the theme 7 “People and Community in the Arctic” and the other Themes of International Collaborative Researches.

At Session 1 “Economic Development” (Session Manager: Hiroyuki Enomoto, NIPR), Natsuhiko Otsuka (Former North Japan Port Consultants Co., Ltd.) and Shinichiro Tabata (PI of Theme 7, Hokkaido University) gave a presentation on the topic, followed by discussions among the participants regarding recent use situations of the Northern Sea Route, environment assessment concerning the Arctic development, etc.

At Session 2 “Environment and Human” (Session Manager: Tetsuo Sueyoshi, NIPR), Hiroki Takakura (Tohoku University) gave a presentation, and opinions were exchanged on time scales of researches, provision of information to indigenous people, etc.

At Session 3 “Governance of the Arctic” (Session Manager: Takeshi Kawano, JAMSTEC), following to a presentation given by Akiho Shibata (Kobe University), discussions were made on how to keep up with trends in the Arctic policies or how to participate in policy-decision processes.

The collaboration between humanities/social science researches by Theme 7 and natural science researches by the other Themes is one of the remarkable features of the ArCS projects. Having shared directions of respective researches as well as information needed by each other will lead to further collaborations between humanities/social sciences and natural sciences during the project.


Discussion among participants during the session 2