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Oceanographic observation by R/V Mirai in the western Arctic Sea (MIRAI Arctic cruise 2016: Theme 6)

22 August to 5 October, oceanographic observations in the Arctic were conducted on the R/V Mirai. 

During the cruise, 67 plankton net samplings were conducted using quadruple-NORPAC nets in the western Arctic Sea.  Zooplankton population structure varies across the shelf, shelf slope and offshore basin.  Numerous gelatinous zooplankton were observed in the station near the sea ice.  In marine ecosystems, zooplankton play an important role in the transfer of the production from both the grazing food chain and the microbial food web to higher trophic levels.

The collected zooplankton samples were very beautiful.

Yoshiyuki Abe (Hokkaido University / A member of Theme 6)

R/V Mirai waiting to depart from Hachinohe, Aomori

Quadruple-NORPAC nets

Jellyfish sample collected with the plankton net

It is rare to be favored with fine weather during sampling.