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Report for the CAFF(Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna) Biennial Meeting

The CAFF biennial meeting was held on 1-2 February at Kautokeino, Norway.

Kautokeino is a municipality in Finnmark county, Norway. Kautokeino is one of cultural centers of Northern Sápmi.

Main tasks of the CAFF meeting in this time is to summarize achievements CAFF activities for two years under Norwegian chairmanship. Then, many hours were used to check biennial report contents but there was not enough time to finish it. Then teleconference will be held near future to complete final reports.

Japanese activities are appeared mainly AMBI (The Arctic Migratory Birds Initiative). Since seabird study has initiated by Japanese scientists, I expect that Japanese activity will also appear for CBird (Seabird Expert Group) report in the future.

Masaki Uchida (NIPR, A member of Theme 6)

Aurora over Kautokeino

CAFF Meeting

Presentation of the Northern Forum by the minister of Nature Protection of the Sakha Republic