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Workshop with Qaanaaq village people

During our stay in Qaanaaq for a field campaign at Bowdoin Glacier and Fjord, we organized a workshop with local people in Qaanaaq. The event was held on 30th July 2017 at school in the village. 

The aim of this workshop was to introduce ArCS research activities, report study results, learn from the locals the impact of climate change on human society, and discuss sustainable future of Qaanaaq, one of the northern most village in Greenland. Researchers from Hokkaido University (Shin Sugiyama, Daiki Sakakibara and Naoya Kanna) and Kitami Institute of Technology (Yamazaki) explained our glaciers and ocean research activities in Greenland. A Greenlandic student from Denmark Technical University helped us for translation between English and Greenlandic. The venue was filled with more than 40 people from various generations, occupations and gender. The audience listened our talks with great interests, asked insightful questions and provided comments useful for our project. People in Qaanaaq are particularly interested in ocean depth and temperature data in the Qaanaaq region, because these are useful information for fishermen. One of the talks explained basic knowledge of landside and tsunami, which attacked the mid-west coast of Greenland in June 2017. This subject also drew great attention as that are potential hazards everywhere along the coast of Greenland. This workshop was a great opportunity to interact with local people, exchange ideas and experiences, discuss their life and our research in Qaanaaq.

Daiki Nomura(Hokkaido University, a member of theme 2)

Introduction of research project with a translator

Audience actively questioned, commented and discussed.

Maps produced in the project drew attention of the audience

Audience from various generations, occupations and gender