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About board meeting of Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna in Bethel, Alaska, USA

The CAFF board meeting was held at Bethel, Alaska, USA. A closed meeting was held on September 5 at Anchorage and meeting which can join observers was held on September 6 and 7 at Bethel, Alaska. This meeting was the first time for US chairmanship. PhD. Cynthia Jacobson of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to be appointed chairperson. About 40 people joined the meeting including board member from Arctic countries, Permanent Participant organizations (PPs) and observers.

Strategy plan over the next two years for the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program (CBMP) was introduced. There were some reports such as activities of the Arctic Migratory Birds Initiative and the Coastal Expert Monitoring, next step for protected areas, Arctic invasive alien species (ARIAS) strategy and action plan and so on. In addition, some proposals about inspiring Arctic voices through youth engagement, mainstreaming/biodiversity principles and IASC-CAFF Fellowship were also suggested.

The Second Arctic Biodiversity Congress will be held in fall 2018 in Finland in cooperation with National Geographic. Finland prepares a venue for 450 participants and main theme for the congress is considering by organization committee and advisory board.

After the meeting. A social ceremony was held in each day. We went to see fish camps and had fresh vegetables and salmons. Young people showed us traditional sing with dance the other day. Some board members danced with the young people. That’s fantastic time for each other.

Masaki Uchida (NIPR, A member of Theme 6)

The venue of CAFF board meeting

Discussions during the meeting

Song and dance by young people