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Report on the 4th Meeting of the Arctic Council Expert Group on Black Carbon and Methane

The Expert Group on Black Carbon and Methane (EGBCM) held its 4th meeting in Helsinki, Finland on October 3-4. 2017. A summary of this meeting is given below.

A summary of this meeting is given below.

  1. Introduction
  2. All the participants introduced themselves and mentioned their ideas on the new EGBCM report.
  3. Work plan of the EGBCM
  4. The Chair presented a draft work plan for delivering (through the Senior Arctic Officials) a 2nd Summary of Progress and Recommendations Report to ministers at the 2019 Arctic Council Ministerial meeting.
  5. Tour de table with updates on new initiatives
  6. The AMAP Secretariat presented the planned “EC Action for Black Carbon in the Arctic”.
  7. Principles and practice related to submission and analysis of data
  8. The key data for the next Summary Report are the national reports on emissions and emission projections.
  9. General discussion on issues that possibly could enter the next progress report beyond those addressed in the 2017-report and cooperation with other bodies.

The group would need to balance the need to avoid duplication of the previous report with the need to produce a readable stand-alone report. It might be difficult to show specific results in the report, but a documentation of ongoing and planned actions is valuable. The group discussed how new issues such as stationary diesel equipment, wood burning in addition to residential biomass consumption, enteric fermentation and wild fires could be added and dealt with in the report and maybe lead to new recommendations.

Yutaka Kondo, NIPR

(A member of the Atmospheric climate forcers in the Arctic)