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Report on the third ArCS council meeting

The third ArCS council meeting was held on Monday, 4th December 2017 at JAMSTEC Tokyo Office in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

The major purpose of the third meeting was to discuss certain topics to which ArCS would especially like to have opinions from the council. At the meeting, presentations were given on activities and outcomes of each program, which had been made since the second meeting was held. And then, the participants that consist of the council members, Project Director and Sub Project Directors of ArCS, and Principal Investigators of each program exchanged opinions focused on the two topics, “outreach” and “program for overseas visits by young researchers”. 

The ArCS council meeting will be continuously held as a unique opportunity where the council, consisting of Arctic experts in the wide fields of industry, news media and academia, reviews important matters for the direction and management of the project, and gives advice from the perspective of research needs based on social issues.


Presentation at the third ArCS council meeting