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PAME 2017-II Meeting report

The second meeting of PAME 2017 had been carried out on Sep.18-20 in Helsinki. In the meeting, wide range of issues regarding environmental effect and action related to ship activities in the Arctic Ocean were discussed.

For the purpose of conservation and sustainable use of the Arctic Ocean, PAME has been taking up issues on ship activities in the Arctic in cooperation with not only other working group of the Arctic Council but also with IMO, WWF and other institutions. The meeting was carried out based on the reports from five expert groups as the Shipping expert group(SEG), the Marine Protected Areas expert group(MPA-EG), Ecosystem Approach expert group(EA-EG), the Marine Litter expert group, and the Resource Exploration and Development expert group(REDEG).

In the meeting, Pan-Arctic Network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), AMSA Project update(Linking with international Organizations, four of HFO Projects, Arctic Indigenous Marine Use, Specially Designated Arctic Marine Areas, Protection from Invasive Species, Impacts on Marine Mammals, Arctic Marine Traffic Systems ASTD), Update of REDEG activities(Meaningful Engagement of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in Marine Activities, biodiversity of deep sea mining), Ecosystem Approach to Management(EA-EG), Desktop Study on Marine Litter, and so on were discussed. The discussion result can be found in the record of decisions.

Natsuhiko Otsuka (Hokkaido University / A member of Theme 7)

PAME 2017-II Meeting(1)

PAME 2017-II Meeting(2)

Shipping Expert Group meeting (held on September 17)