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Report on the Scientist Quest “What will happen in the Arctic? Ocean, Life and People” in Miraikan

Scientist Quest “What will happen in the Arctic? Ocean, Life and People” was held on Monday, 8th January at Miraikan (the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation), Odaiba. The event was organized by Theme 4, Theme 6 and Theme 7 of the ArCS Project. Under the common question of “What happens as the Arctic sea ice decreases?”, the program of the event consisted of three talks: “Ocean, ice and small living things in the Arctic” from Theme 4, “The migration of Shearwaters” from Theme 6 and “What will change as the sea ice in the Arctic Ocean decreases?” from Theme 7.

We set up exhibition sections by displaying the panels of each Theme, the model of the Oceanographic Research Vessel MIRAI, real sea ice captured in the Arctic Ocean, samples of zooplankton, stuffed birds and beaver fur mitten for dog sleds and screening the documentary video of the indigenous people in Alaska. Researchers commented on the exhibits to visitors in each corner. There were about 1,000 visitors, especially families with children of elementary school and younger. They listened to the talk eagerly and asked questions directly to researchers. Although it was the event only for one day, we could provide a good opportunity for thinking about the Arctic.

Hajime Kimura (JAMSTEC / A member of Theme 4)


A scene of the lecture

Visitors at the exhibition section