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Report on the 2nd AMAP Short-lived Climate Forcers Expert Group (SLCF EG)

The AMAP Short-lived Climate Forcers Expert Group (SLCF EG) held a meeting in Helsinki, Finland on 29-31 January 2018.

Discussions were made to achieve the following points.

  • Further refine the work plan for the 2021 assessment,
  • Reach consensus about the policy-science questions, which will be used for communicating with other bodies within the Arctic Council and elsewhere
  • Make a plan for the Interim Report 2019
  • Appoint topic leads and teams to manage the work on their topical areas
  • Discuss and identify overarching issues, which will be common for several topical areas (i.e. emission inputs for atmospheric models including the pollutants, source regions and sectors)
  • Further clarify the timeline and resourcing issues for the work as well as communication processes 

Break-out sessions were organized. Discussions were made on the following points.

  • To work on a more detailed description about the work within the topical areas to the work plan
  • To discuss the organization of the work within the topical areas (issues covered, responsibilities, timelines)
  • To collect information about relevant on-going projects and processes that could contribute to or be linked with the AMAP SLCF assessment (and vice versa)
  • To clarify what could be done together (project ideas, funding opportunities that would still provide results advanced enough to serve the assessment report due for peer-review in summer 2020)

Yutaka Kondo(NIPR/A member of theme 3)