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Japan Session on Arctic Circle 2017

Japan session was held on the evening of 14th October in Reykjavik under the title of “The Arctic as the Field of SDGs”. The session discussed on the possible contribution of Science to “the Sustainable Development Goals” especially in the Arctic.

We had three main speakers from ArCS and two commentators from internationally leading arctic scientists. Prof. Hasumi summarized undergoing performance of predictions of global and arctic climate changes, Prof. Ohtsuka did possible practical use of the Arctic Sea route from the view point of social econmy, and Prof. Takakura did changes in the life style of indigenous people caused by climate change in Respublika Sakha, respectively. Profs. Hinzman and Wilkinson were the commentator and they made very positive comment concerning the ArCS activities which tried to integrate diversified research themes into the study of sustainability of Arctic nature or quite a few human activities in the Arctic.

From the floor, there were questions about the prospect to reduce the ambiguity of prediction by utilizing in-situ data and about future of ingenious people.

Audience was counted up about 100, rather large number considering the fact that more than 10 sessions were held in the same time slot. The structure of this session – different research fields under one theme of SDGs – might be appropriate session for Arctic Circle2017 prepared by an non-Arctic Country of Japan.

Masao Fukasawa (ArCS PD)

Welcome address from Mr. Keiji Ide, Ambassador in Charge of Arctic Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

Prof. Larry Hinzman, University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF)

Session program