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Second Debriefing Session of the Program for Overseas Visits by Young Researchers

Second debriefing session of the program for overseas visits by young researchers was held in the Yokohama Institute in JAMSTEC on 9 May 2018.

The debriefing session was organized by the young researchers who participated under the framework of ArCS’ Program for Overseas Visits by Young Researchers in 2016-2017 The nine young researchers, who were planned long-term visiting, introduced their field work and research activities in the overseas. Additionally, the three stakeholders from public and private sectors, who were planned short-term visiting, introduced their experience for attendance of the Arctic Frontiers 2018. They also discussed about commercial use of the Northern Sea Route in the Arctic and its future subject into panel discussions.

Overall, all young researchers and stakeholders seemed to be a satisfying overseas visit for their research activities and staying.

At the end, we would like to thank for all supporter to our overseas visits under the framework of ArCS’ Program.

*Please see the details in "young researchers overseas visit" of ArCS BLOG (To be posted in series).

Naoya Kanna (Hokkaido University, a member of theme 2)

Group photo on debriefing session