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Report of the FY2017 Program for Overseas Visits by Young Researchers: Research in Yakutsk

  1. Research

I stayed in North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU) in Yakutsk for 39 days, from October to November 2017.

The purpose of my stay was to carry out a research aiming to elucidate effects of CO2 emission reduction through the modernization of lighting system in NEFU. My supervisor in NEFU is Professor Tuyara and during my stay she have given me insightful advice on my research. I also got sincere cooperation as to data provision and frequent meetings from the director of AMTEK+, the company in charge of the modernization of lighting system. It also worth noting that the research environment was quite satisfying. I could use a spacious joint laboratory between NEFU and Hokkaido University in the “Arctic Innovation Center”. It was helpful as well to be able to use the laboratory for a long time in a day. Thanks to such comfortable circumstances, I could carry out my research without any trouble.

Consequently, it has been elucidated that the modernization of the lighting system has brought about a reduction in annual electricity cost. In addition, I was able to collect necessary data to assess CO2 emission reduction.

  1. Yakutsk and life there

Let me briefly introduce Yakutsk. It is the capital city of Sakha Republic, and also said to be “the coldest city in the world”. In the Republic, there is even a small village called “Oimyakon”, which recorded -71.2 ℃, the lowest temperature in the world excluding the Antarctic. The number of tourists is generally small due to low accessibility of the city, but recently it seems as its getting “a bit closer” as its tourism industry has been flourishing.

This was my second stay in Yakutsk, so I did have quite a good time since I was already familiar with the city and was also immune to its cold temperature. As a whole, my stay in Yakutsk was unforgettably fruitful. When I completed my stay in Yakutsk as an exchange student last year, I never thought I would be able to come back here this soon. Thus, I would like to express my greatest appreciation to ArCS.

Ryo Yamanaka (Hokkaido University)

With the director of the AMTEK+, Mr. Пётр Скрябин at the Arctic innovation center

Outlook of the Arctic innovation center