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Report of the FY2018 program for overseas visits by young researchers: Arctic Circle 2018 in Reykjavik

Hi, I’m Emi Sugiyama from Mitsubishi Electric and working as an engineer in an energy system field. Thanks to ArCS’s very supportive project for young engineers, I could participate in Arctic Circle 2018 in Iceland, Reykjavik.

Let me briefly explain what I experienced in that Conference.

Arctic Circle is an annual international conference and over 2,000 people come every year. People discuss and share a variety of topics including policy, sustainable development, biodiversity, energy transition, international corporation and latest research results. This year, the Conference started with a speech from Iceland’s prime minister, followed by Mr. Taro Kono, Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs.

I attended 16 sessions. During several energy sessions, “off-grid” problems in isolated Arctic area were discussed. Other sessions were also very interesting: regarding people’s reaction change for Arctic articles, or new information business in Reykjavik related to very its low energy cost. 

Through this trip I could meet many people from different area, and I really appreciate it. Thank you again for ArCS to give me such a great opportunity.

Emi Sugiyama (Mitsubishi Electric)

Conference hall “Harpa”

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono

Opening Session