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Two talk sessions about the present and future of the Arctic

Miraikan and ArCS jointly hosted a talk session by ArCS participating researchers on Saturday 15th and Saturday, 22nd  December, 2018.

During the 1st talk session What will happen? Arctic -Northern epic woven by people and nature-, Dr. Syunwa Honda and Dr. Shin Sugiyama introduced the history and culture of the people living in the Arctic region, and talked each other about the influence of changing glaciers and the ocean caused by global warming on people.

In the 2nd talk session What will happen? Arctic - the reality of the Arctic from researcher's point of view-, Dr. Takashi Kikuchi and Dr. Shigeto Nishino who have been engaged in oceanographic observation of the Arctic ocean for many years by R/V Mirai" introduced the changes in the environment and climate caused by global warming, suggested by the analyzation of year-round observation data.

It was a good opportunity for the visitors to be interested in the Arctic region and Japan's Arctic research.


First talk session

Second talk session