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Report of the FY2018 program for overseas visits by young researchers: Participation in the AGU Fall Meeting 2018

I participated in the AGU Fall Meeting 2018 held in Washington D.C. from 10-14 Dec 2018. During this meeting, I gave a poster presentation and participated in the oral sessions. I spent my free time visiting the sponsors’ exhibitions and sightseeing around the Washington D.C. area.

On the 4th day of the AGU, I made a poster talk entitled ”A mechanistic model of methane and carbon dioxide emissions on changing soil moisture conditions”. While many methane emission models clearly distinguish the methane production layer and the oxidation (consumption) layer, my model reflects the heterogeneity of the production and oxidation of methane. By introducing my poster and discussing about my research, I obtained many suggestions on ways to improve my model.

Outside my poster session hours, I attended the oral presentations that were related to my research, including sessions on methane, permafrost thawing, and climate change in the Arctic and boreal regions. It was very interesting to learn about the latest and underway studies on these topics. Research about the microbiological aspects of soil and the effects of snow cover on soil were especially interesting to me, and I hope that I can incorporate these ideas on my methane modelling.

It was also very exciting to discuss about my research work and get acquainted with the current and advancing researches. I would like to thank the Arctic Challenge of Sustainability for the wonderful time I spent in Washington D.C.

Haruki Sakamoto (The University of Tokyo)

The poster presentation in the AGU Fall Meeting 2018