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Exhibition and book launch event at Yakutsk and Khaiakhsit village in Churapcha district

Sakha and Japan scientists organized the exhibitions and launching of the book at Yakutsk (29 Nov) and Khaiakhsit village in Churapcha district (30 Nov).

This is outreach of the joint research on the permafrost in climate change and the local Impacts, in particular, focusing on the Central Yakutia (supported by ArCS project). The exbition ≪Thawing land≫ in Russian and Sakha languages originally prepared in English and Japanese by Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples. The book ≪Permafrost and Culture≫ in Russian is the environment text for younger generations written by the international team and published from Tohoku University.

Hiroki Takakura (Tohoku University, a member of Theme 7)

*This article was originally posted on Dr. Takakura's Facebook.