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Report of the FY2019 program for overseas visits by young researchers: Ice Core Analysis Techniques (ICAT) PhD school-2019 and 8th International Ice Drill Symposium at Copenhagen, Denmark

I participated in Ice Core Analysis Techniques (ICAT) PhD school-2019 and 8th International Ice Drill Symposium in Copenhagen, Denmark. Both are related to an ice core that I study. The Ice core is obtained by drilling the Greenland ice sheet, the Antarctic ice sheet, and glaciers. The information on the gas and chemical components  in the ice core is useful for reconstructing the paleoclimate and paleoenvironment.

Ice Core Analysis Techniques (ICAT) PhD school-2019 was held for six days at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen. This school was conducted to train the next generation of ice core researchers. The event was participated by 23 PhD students and postdoctoral fellows of various nationalities from the universities and research institutions around the world. At ICAT PhD School, I learned about the data obtained from ice cores, research history, drilling, etc. through lectures, tours of analytical equipment and research facilities, and data analysis training. During the ICAT, I was able to get more information by talking with researchers and PhD student about each other's research and research experience.

After ICAT, I participated in the 8th International Ice Drill Symposium. This symposium was held to exchange information on the latest technology and knowledge related to ice core drilling. During this meeting, 93 researchers and engineers from all over the world gathered, and made presentations on the development of various drilling technologies and the current status and plans of drilling in each country. It was a good opportunity to gain technical knowledge about the types of drilling methods and drill structures. Also, I was able to hear interesting stories such as actual experiences in field activities from researchers and engineers.

Through the ICAT PhD School and 8th International Ice Drill Symposium, I gained knowledge in various fields related to ice cores and built a wide network with overseas researchers and PhD students. I want to link these learning experiences to further my future research using Greenland Ice Core.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the ArCS project for giving me this great opportunity.

(Ayaka YonekuraThe Graduate University for Advanced Studies)