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Seminar Presentation at Greenland Institute of Natural Resources

The Greenland Science Week was held in Nuuk, Greenland on 1−5 December in 2019. Next day, we visited Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR). supports field works and research activities by Japanese scientists within Greenland. The Greenland Climate Research Centre (GCRC) at GINR shares a similar strategic goal with our project, which is the impact of climate changes on the marine ecosystem and Greenlandic society. To exchange ideas for future collaboration, we hold a seminar to introduce our field activities and to show study results conducted in northwestern Greenland.

The program of the seminar is:

  1. Overview of the Japanese research project in Qaanaaq (Shin Sugiyama, Hokkaido University)
  2. Comprehensive observation in Bowdoin Fjord and Inglefield Bredning, northwestern Greenland (Naoya Kanna, Hokkaido University)
  3. Meltwater discharge and flooding on Qaanaaq Glacier, northwestern Greenland -Field and numerical study- (Ken Kondo, Hokkaido University)
  4. Investigating landslides caused by the 2016-17 heavy rain events in Siorapaluk (Shintaro Yamasaki, Kyoto University)

Our approaches to research collaboration with residents in Qaanaaq and to a workshop in Qaanaaq organized by us drew attention of the audience. We have continued our research in Greenland since 2012. To further develop our activity in Greenland, it is crucial to establish close relationships with institutions in Greenland such as GINR, University of Greenland and Greenland Survey (ASIAQ). The visit to GINR is the start of our research collaboration with scientists flourished in Greenland.

Naoya Kanna (Hokkaido University / a member of Theme 2)

Scientists of the Greenland Climate Research Centre in GINR with us

A model of Narwhal located in GINR

City of Nuuk celebrating Xmas